Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Day 9 Long and Winding Road

First let me apologize for the glaring typo in the book in the chapter title, it reads "wending" rather than "winding" this mistake escaped the eyes of me (author), my editor, and another copyeditor. It goes to show you that perfection is only in heaven I guess!

Anyway, we have all been on a long meandering road that goes over hills and across farm land, through green verdant forests and up snow capped valleys. Some of my most vivd memories have been car trips that I have taken. Sometimes we get lost, at least I did and still do!

The younger son in the Parable of the Prodigal Son really got lost, he was a great example of the American teenager about 16 years of age, although of course Luke doesn't tell us those nitty gritty details, but in my mind this boy is self- centered, self-interested, vain, and could care less about anyone else.

He sets off on his journey, away from the security of family, away from parents, away from life. He gets himself into a mess, he goes down a lot of windy meandering roads.

He spends all his money

He is lonely

He is probably scared

He misses home

He wants to return..............

Rather than point a nasty finger in his face and say "I told you so" like many parents would his loving dad runs out, puts a new robe on him and gives him a grand party fit for a king. The only problem is that his older brother, the one who was faithful, steadfast, hard working, gets zilch.

Well, you can read the rest of the story on your own, its in chapter 9 of my book and in Luke 15:11-24.

The point is that we have all been like this teenager at least once in our life.

Self willed

Self directed


Inconsiderate of others

Spiritually immature

Yet, God the Father is always waiting for us with open arms. He wants us to leave our meandering windy roads to no where and get back on the narrow path which is headed for goodness, peace, faithfulness, and self-control.

Are you still on that meandering path or have you taken the narrow road, the road that leads back home, home to our heavenly Father?

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