Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day 24 The Poor You Shall Always Have With You

I am always shocked that in America we have such a high rate of homeless, hungry, and poor people. I once knew a woman who worked at the Salvation Army shelter and said that every night they have to turn people away because there are not enough beds.

This bothers me.

This should bother you too.

Loving God requires, even is demanded upon us, to love our neighbor too.

Christians have so many opportunities to show our love and care for the other person

Lending a listening ear

Reaching out when they are sick, suffering, or hurt

Collecting food for the hungry

Donating used clothing for the local shelter

Serving at a soup kitchen or food bank

Volunteering at a local outreach center

There are a million ways in which we can serve our fellow brothers and sisters.

Jesus came to show compassion on the less fortunate. He came to teach us through both Word and action what God wants from us.

Yet we don't always listen do we?

We are not always the best and brightest disciples?

What's our problem??????

Let's share today

(Only 6 more days for this retreat. It has been a bit challenging. I must admit there were days when I didn't feel like posting because I felt like I didn't have much to say or that I had other things to do. Yet the sheer act of writing a short post every day has been a good discipline. I hope you have felt a little more inspired and encouraged in the process).