Friday, June 25, 2010

Day 25 Looking for God in All the Wrong Places

Looking for that mountain top spiritual experience? Waiting for the Angel Gabriel to come and bring you a message like he did with the Virgin Mary? Waiting for a vision of St. Francis or St. Mary Magdalene?

Sometimes people do experience very powerful and strong feelings of God or the Divine or have visions of a saint or of Jesus himself.

This is rare.

The saints also remind us that we are not to wait and look for these things. If they happen so be it and glory to God. They also tell us not to broadcast it upon the waters, but to keep it and ponder the message or vision or presence in our hearts. The New Testament reminds us that even Satan can visit like an angel of light so we have to be on guard and test all spirits.

It has been my experience though that we feel God's presence in the small things of life, the everyday routine stuff:

the birth of a child

the peaceful death of a loved one

the baptism of a newborn baby

a person who confesses their sin and repents

the comfort of a caregiver for those who are sick

the generosity of the bus driver who helped me today (I needed directions and she was very gracious)

If we are so busy seeking those "Mountain top experiences" we might loose sight of the everyday events that are small messages and reminders that God is still with us and cares about us.

Let's keep our eyes open and see the glorious hand of God everywhere, in a conversation over coffee and yes, even while changing diapers or making a pot of soup for a sick parishioner.