Saturday, June 5, 2010

Day 5 Let Your Light Shine

I have a hard time letting my light shine these days. It's hard following Jesus when your tired, cranky, irritable, and a host of other things. Very often I think my light is hidden somewhere deep inside me. I don't "feel" like I'm illuminating anyone or anything!

Jesus tells his disciples to let their light shine so that everyone will see their good works and give God the glory.

Jesus tells his disciples that he is the light of the world

I realize however that even when I'm down and out, cranky and tired, and not very nice that my light is still there. That even though I may not "feel" very spiritual or nice or kind that somehow people see something of God in me, of grace, and goodness even though I may not be able to feel it.

I could give a sermon which I think went "so-so" and someone will come up to me and tell me that they felt that I spoke directly to them, that whatever I said or how I said it touched their heart. This always suprises me of course, but that is the light that I am talking about.

Are you letting your light shine?

Are there days that you don't "feel" very spiritual or kind?

Let's share..................