Friday, June 4, 2010

Day 4 Whose Child is This?

What's in a name you say? A lot. When I was young I was very tall for my age and kids at school called me "Billy the Jolly Green Giant" I hated that name. There was a TV commercial for frozen vegetables starring this tall green giant.

Kids at school were called a host of names, most of them hurt:


Skinny Minny

Four eyes

Buck tooth




Names hurt especially if you are eight years old.

Jesus was called names too, some of the Jewish leaders called him Beelzebub which means the prince of demons. Other people couldn't believe that Jesus came from Nazareth.

Jesus was also called a host of names too, or titles as we say:

the Christ (which means savior)

Son of David (after the namesake of the great king David)


King of Israel

Very often we live under the masks of bad names. It took me a while to get rid of Jolly Green Giant mask.

What bad names do you live with?

Did it hurt when people called you names?

How can you learn to be totally and fully yourself?