Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day 17 Finding God in Narnia

I don't remember reading any of the Narnia books when I was a child. However, I did read them as a young adult and did get a chance to see the movie. CS Lewis is a magic storyteller, weaving tales of talking animals, a place called Narnia where it always snows but it is never Christmas, and tales of great big lions like Aslan fighting the wicked White Witch.

While reading the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe it is amazing that Narnia is a world so different than our own but the funny thing is that it is not too far at all, its just on the other side of the wardrobe. Lucy and Peter and the rest of the gang just have to walk past all those old musty coats and scarves and voila, they enter Narnia.

Isn't that similar to Jesus saying that the kingdom of God is near or in other places that the kingdom of God is within you? Jesus talks about a world vastly different than our own:

where the poor are taken care of

where there is no more weeping or need

where the orphans and oppressed are loved

where those who are hurting find their healing

This is the "kingdom-world" that Jesus speaks about. It might seem light years away but it is just on the other side of our heart, just like Narnia...............

What do you think about that.

Read Chapter 17 and lets discuss.........................

Enjoy the rest of your sunny summer day