Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 22 Become Like Children

Today is one of my favorite topics. Jesus tells us that if we want to enter into the kingdom we have to turn and become like children. We need to be careful, he didn't say "childish" he said, like children.

And what are children like?





Dependent on parents (i.e in our case, God)

Live in the moment

Engaging the world

Gee, aren't those wonderful qualities to have?

After reading this chapter I wondered to myself, "what happens to us adults???" We start out fine as children and then we mess things up don't we?

Adults put on our social faces, live our lives according to rules and driven by material concerns. We forget the basics of life, that life is a gift from God and we are to enjoy every minute of it in the fullest, as the Latin phrase goes CARPE DIEM seize the day!!!

Jesus tells us to become like children.

I love to watch children playing on the playground or making mud cakes and pretend to eat them. I love to watch children dance and put on plays. Children are so full of life.

We know that Jesus didn't have his own family and didn't have children of his own, but he certainly must have understood the nature of children. He was onto something.

How can we regain a child like nature? How can we once again turn and become like a child?

Let's share today...............

Only 8 more days in our virtual retreat.

(The radio interview on KNEO radio in Missouri went well yesterday. The show will be streamed and podcasted during the week of July 12. I will let you know when it becomes available. Also, help spread the word about A 30 Day Retreat, pass on my website to anyone who you think might be interested, www.williamcmills.com)