Thursday, May 3, 2012

Enjoying God's Creation

This Spring has been very special for me. We've had two sets of bluebird families living in our backyard. During my coffee breaks I'll go on our back porch and watch the mommy and daddy birds fly in and out of the bird house bringing food to the babies. Once in a while the bird will perch on our bird feeder or on a small branch like this one here.

Watching these birds reminds me of enjoying God's creation. So often we run through life going from here to there, worrying about our errands and "what's next" on our to do list that we miss the beauty of creation right under our noses.

When was the last time you stopped and watched a bird flying around or noticed your neighbor's lovely roses or sat and took in a beautiful sunrise or sunset? When was the last time you sat in your yard and listened to the wind blowing through the rustling leaves or the pitter patter of rain dripping through your gutters?

Take some time this week to enjoy these small moments in life. They are gifts from God.