Monday, May 14, 2012

Coming Soon!!!

I wanted to share some of my good news today; the cover of my new book: Church, World, and Kingdom: The Eucharistic Foundation of Alexander Schmemann's Pastoral Theology (Hillenbrand Books, 2012). It will be available for sale beginning in late August and early September. Below is a general description of the book outlining some of the basic themes, etc....

Of course I am thrilled. After many drafts and rewrites it is finally done. I hope readers find it helpful, especially those interested in the intersection of Liturgy and Pastoral Theology.

Description from the publisher:

In Church, World and Kingdom: The Eucharistic Foundation of Alexander Schmemann's Pastoral Theology, author William C. Mills analyzes the pastoral and Eucharistic theology of the world-renowned Eastern Orthodox priest, pastor, professor, seminary dean, theologian, and author, Alexander Schmemann.
Schmemann's theological legacy has influenced all levels of Church life. His books, articles, essays, and sermons are known world-wide and translated into numerous languages and have been referenced by theologians in the East and the West. William C. Mills expertly reminds us that for Alexander Schmemann, the scriptures, doctrine, faith, teachings, practices, and prayers of the Church are expressed and fully realized in the Eucharistic gathering. Alexander Schmemann's theology was influential from the Second Vatican Council onward, not only on his own Orthodox tradition, but also on Roman Catholic and Protestant liturgical theology.
This new research has shed light on the importance of the liturgical and Eucharistic context for ministry, especially highlighting the spiritual, practical, and theological preparation of ordained clergy and the general ministry of the entire body of Christ, both clergy and laity.
This book is the only study that is primarily devoted to Schmemann's pastoral theology, and will be a welcome addition to the academic and popular understanding of ordained and lay ministry within Christendom, especially within the Orthodox and Roman Catholic sacramental tradition. This book features a comprehensive collection of Schmemann's theology, as well as previously unpublished material.