Saturday, May 19, 2012

Doing Less Not More

Cell phone

People say that technology is supposed to make our lives easier, less cumbersome. A decade ago I had to type a letter, print it out, stuff an envelope and mail it. Today I just send that same letter via email or maybe send a tweet. I can reach someone in China in less time then it takes me to brew a cup of coffee. Life has changed and every day it seems new technology is helping improve our lives from new and improved light bulbs to electric cars.

However, I find that now with more communication technology we can get more distracted. The other day I saw a young couple sitting at an outdoor cafe eating lunch, rather than sitting there talking to each other their heads were hunkered down checking the latest sports scores or an email. So much for a leisurely lunch! I am waiting for the day when I see a parishioner sending a tweet during Sunday services, maybe that will be a sign that I need to quit the ministry!

Call me cranky, call me old fashioned, but I do not tweet or use Facebook or have a Blackberry. I do maintain a website and blog but that's about it. My cell phone is used only for emergency calls. Life is short. I try to focus on building friendships and enjoying the creation around me. I check email when I want to and I dont' want to check it every five minutes either.

I am trying to do less, not more. I'd rather watch the bluebirds nest in my backyard or read a good book or take a walk or eat a meal with a friend rather than surf the web all day.

Maybe we all need a fast from technology for a day, wouldn't that be something!