Saturday, June 18, 2011

Need Some Summer Spiritual Reading????

Are you down in the dumps?

Do you need some spiritual renewal?

Do you need direction?

Are you spiritually tired?

If you find yourself down in the dumps and need some spiritual renewal this summer I recommend Our Father: A Prayer for Christian Living. I wrote this book several years ago as a way to introduce lay people to the message of the Lord's Prayer. The chapters are very short and easy to read. Each chapter includes a Food for Thought section where the reader can stop and take a few moments and reflect on several key questions about the Lord's Prayer. If you want to learn more about the Lord's Prayer and Christian discipleship pick up a copy of Our Father: A Prayer for Christian Living today!

Many people have found this book helpful on their spiritual journey and hopefully so will you.

Buy one for yourself, for your pastor, and for a friend!!!! Pass the word around too!!