Sunday, June 26, 2011

Coming Soon--Encountering Jesus in the Gospels!!!

I am finishing up last minute touches on my latest book, Encountering Jesus in the Gospels, a book that I have been wanting to write for some time now. Many people have a very narrow or limited view of Jesus' life and ministry. When reading the gospels we encounter many different very diverse images of Jesus:

Jesus the Wanderer

Jesus the Friend of the Poor

Jesus the Bread

Jesus the Prophet

Jesus the Teacher

Jesus the Light

Jesus the Son of God

as well as many others. This small little book will hopefully help people get a more well rounded vision of Jesus' teaching, preaching, and ministry. Each section will also include a Food for Thought series of questions for small group discussion, personal reflection, and/or journaling.

The book will be available towards the end of the Summer.

Keep an eye out for it on and I will be updating you from time to time on the publication date.