Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Time of Pentecost

This is the Pentecost season for the Church. Those of us in the East celebrated it this past Sunday and those in the Western Church celebrated it a few Sunday's ago.

It is very easy to look around and see all the bad things that are happening in the Church, the lack of leadership, low memberships, even lower income (!!), lack of interest in Church activities, abuse of power and authority, shall I go on? You get the point.

Yet when you look again you also see some very good things happening. Babies are baptized, new members find God and join, people repent and change, in short, life goes on.

Pentecost reminds us that the Holy Spirit is alive and well in the world. The Spirit is the life-giver who inspires, encourages, leads, and draws all of us together.

Let's try to live by the Spirit this Pentecost season and see all the good things that are happening around us.