Saturday, July 16, 2011

Some Thoughts About the Life of Faith

Recently I have been reading Credo, a collection of thoughts from William Sloan Coffin, the former Chaplain at Yale University and pastor at Riverside Church in NYC. He was a big supporter of social justice, racial equality, and women's rights. He is a true prophet in all aspects of the word. Below are a few quotes from Credo, some food for thought as we try to follow Jesus better:

We are on the road to heaven if today we walk with God. Eternal life is not a possession conferred at death; it is a present endowment. We live it now and continue it through death. With God, "time is eternity in disguise."

While Adam lived through "summer's parching heat" Jesus died young, but didn't both show us that it is by its content rather than by duration that a lifetime is measured?

It is often said that the Church is a crutch. Of course it's a crutch. What makes you think you don't limp?

The Eucharist quenches my thirst for hope

Local churches, ministers, and laity alike need to be prodded, for we domesticate God's word too soon. Lacking the vigor to deal with big problems, we allow ourselves to become mesmerized by little ones.