Sunday, May 15, 2011

Project Linus

Project Linus is one of my favorite outreach ministries. First of all I love the name, named after Linus on the famous Charles Shultz Peanuts cartoon. Linus was the kid always carrying his blanket around. Project Linus is a nationwide ministry that makes and delivers blankets to children in hospitals or children who have been in some sort of trauma such as a fire or car accident. For a few years now our parish has supported Project Linus and I encourage you to look into it for yourself. It is very rewarding to make blankets knowing that they are going for a great cause.

Don't worry if you are not adept at sewing. Project Linus blankets are easy to make actually. There is no sewing involved. More information about the blankets can be found on their website which I linked below. All you have to do is take some fleece, cut some tags on the side of it and then knot them and voila you have a Project Linus blanket.

I hope you get involved in this ministry. You will make a lot of children happy!!!!