Saturday, February 26, 2011

Honesty Is the Best Policy

Honesty is the best policy. So often we tell lies about ourselves, our family, and the world around us. We live in denial. We sugar coat our problems and pain. Why? Sometimes we don't want to deal with it. Other times we are too distracted. Sometimes we are even blind to it, we just can't discern light from darkness.

The more we cling to Jesus and seek light and truth the more we have to be honest. Radical honesty. I am amazed at the lies we hear from politicians, local leaders, Church officials (including bishops and hierarchy!!!) about what is really going on. We hear that Senator A will vote for a bill but then later on we hear that he had some back-door dealings with a major Fortune 500 Company not to vote on it or some political action group got his ear. People give lip service to the truth but do we really want it. People say one thing or do another.

I think most of us would rather live in our own little closed off worlds than to deal with life as it comes to us.

We'd rather put our head in the sand rather than deal with our problems, pain, anxiety, or hurt.

The Apostle Paul says "speak the truth in love." Are we capable of speaking the truth, the full truth, and nothing but the truth every day? Are we capable of telling the truth to our partners, children, friends, and family? Or would we rather ignore the problems hoping that they would go away?

Life is too short. Why live in a world of lies?

Seek the truth in all things.

Seek the light of Jesus.

Seek to live an honest life.