Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow--reminder of sabbath rest

Right now most of the East coast is covered with either snow or ice or a combination of both! My friend in NY just told me that they are expecting ANOTHER 8-14 inches of snow on top of the snow and ice that they already have. Snow and ice storms are cause for concern especially for the elderly and emergency workers who have to work (doctors, firemen, policemen, pharmacists, etc..). The rest of us have the luxury of staying home and enjoying some much needed rest or if you have kids, well, enjoying the cold outdoors: snowmen, snowball fights, sledding, cross country skiing, or making snow angels. Yesterday we went sledding on a steep hill and it was fun, fun, fun, the adults liked it more than the kids!

Snowstorms cause us to slow down a bit. Maybe we can stay at home and take a much needed nap or write an email or note to a friend whom we lost contact with. Perhaps we can play a board game with our children, watch a movie that we always wanted to see but never had time to do it.

Snowstorms are times for much needed Sabbath. Taking time for ourselves without feeling guilty.

We are so burdened by work, projects, timelines, and deadlines we forget how much fun life can be.

When I was sledding with my children yesterday I felt like 5 years old again frolicking and falling in the snow. Surely by day number 2 at home most of us will get cabin fever, but for now, stop and enjoy the white puffy stuff falling from heaven!