Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Poem by Mary Oliver

Lately I have been reading a lot of poetry. Unlike prose and narrative, poetry slows you down, makes you savor and chew on every word. When reading a good page turning thriller or mystery it is easy to read fast skipping over words even, but not with poetry.

I have been reading several volumes of poetry by Mary Oliver. I came across this poem the other day and wanted to share, I hope you like it!

The Vast Ocean Begins Just Outside Our Church: The Eucharist

Something has happened
to the bread
and the wine

They have been blessed.
What now?
The body leans forward

to receive the gift
from the priest's hand,
then the chalice.

They are something else now
from what they were
before this began

or on the shore
just walking
beautiful man

and clearly
someone else

On the hard days
I ask myself
if I ever will

Also there are times
my body whispers to me
that I have.