Thursday, January 28, 2010

Web Resources for Bible Study

Now with the world wide web there are many educational resources available for Bible study. Some of these sites are text based while others are more interactive and allow you to take virtual tours of the Holy Land or search through pictures and maps. Take some time and look through some of these resources, hopefully you will learn something in the process!

If you have a website that you use regularly for Bible study let me know and maybe I'll include it in another post.

Online Bible Study Resources---Sites are linked

Felix Just, SJ is a Jesuit priest in California and has a comprehensive website with many documents for download and links to other sites.

This is an international Catholic association for Bible Study.

OCABS or the Orthodox Center for the Advancement of Biblical Studies has both printed and online Bible resources, MP3 files for download, CD Bible commentaries and well as books.

Biblical Archeological Review is a monthly printed magazine

This is an interactive archeological website where you can take a virtual trip through ancient sites throughout the Holy Land. Has a new audio commentary as well.

This is the premiere international Bible association.

Most people do not realize that there are hundreds if not thousands of ancient manuscripts of the Bible. This site has many pictures and details about some of these wonderful pieces of history.

The Tantur institute is an ecumenical institute in Jerusalem for extended stays.

Bible Places has a lot of still photos of major Bible sites.